Privacy & Policy

The privacy of our customers is our top concern on This Website, accessible via Its Privacy Policy document outlines the data types that keeps and records.

Contact me with any concerns regarding our Privacy Policy or if you require more details.

The Privacy Policy is only applicable to activities conducted online. It applies to users of My website concerning the information that they share or have collected through This policy does not apply to information obtained offline or via other channels.

You accept my Privacy Policy and the conditions of this website by accessing it.


When we ask for your personal information, you will be informed of the personal data you are required to provide and the reasons for which you are asked to provide.

You can contact me directly if you have any concerns. We could also get your name, contact number, email address and phone number.

Information provided by third parties

Information about you can come from third party sources. We could mix this information with other information we have on you. For example, you can look at

We may collect personal data from your interactions with an account or page that is part of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. This could include your username and/or account ID associated with the service, including your profile picture, email address, friends list, information regarding the people and groups you are connected to, the manner in which you interact, as well as any other information that you choose to make public.

Data We Collect. Information We collect. While you aren’t required to share certain data with us, however, it could affect your experience with the Services.

Protection of our Rights and Other People’s Rights

We may use your personal information to conduct investigations, identify and prevent illegal activity and safeguard and defend the rights and safety of its employees, agents or customers or as required by the law.

You can use information from one aspect to use the Services to another. We can also combine information from multiple Services elements to create a single user record. We can also make use of information that we collect offline or information we get from third-party sources to expand, improve and confirm the reliability of our data. Information gathered from one browser, computer or device could be shared with a different computer, browser or any device that is linked to the computer, web browser or device.