Ideas For Spiritual home décor

If you’re anything like me, then one of the greatest experiences after a tiring day is getting to your home, changing into pajamas, and then hopping into your bed. I think of my bedroom as a space of peace, and I frequently alter things in a few places and try to bring peace to my home.
My bedroom is where I most sleep, giving my body and soul a well-deserved break each night. The dream from the window is to write, meditate and breathe, live and then relax my racing heart and overactive mind.
It’s the purest way to escape four walls I’ve ever seen.
I design my home to create a positive experience for all my senses while being aware of what I allow to take up space.
In addition to orderliness, I love a few items in my home that are a part of the metaphysical lifestyle; however, you don’t need to be spiritual to include these items in your living space it also a part of antique home decor items. No matter what your relationship to the universe, all of the items listed below can be used to help bring peace to a room.

1.Brass Hanging Diya

This beautiful hanging brass diya will give a beautiful and spiritual look to you home. It also help you to give your home a rich and traditional look like high budget television show. Design Of these type of hanging diya is inspired for our culture and tradition and these are easily available in market or you can shop online at best prices.

2. Dhoop Dani

Antique black gold-plated polished craft iron Degchi Handi Pot is A dhoop dani incense holder that has a hanging hook for iron crafts that can be mounted on the wall. It could also be used as a table decoration and a poojan area and meditation space decor decoration for walls with the help of a hanger.

3. Raj mahal lantern

The Gorgeous Raj Mahal Iron Jali Work Handmade Decor Lantern created by artisans from Rajasthan. This lantern is an ideal art piece to include to your collection. It could be used as T light holder or an Incense holder or even as a traditional display piece to decorate your living space or Bedroom

Try these home decor, these antique home decor items will definitely change your home look.